Alcoholism And Loved Ones

How Does My Alcohol Addiction Affect The People I Care About?

The one thing that a lot of alcoholics do not realize for quite some time is that their addiction has a way of negatively affecting a lot of the people that they care about. This is unfortunate, because they cause these people a lot of grief and it’s not really fair to them and it isn’t even necessary.

Usually these individuals do not realize this until they begin experiencing something like alcohol withdrawal or other negative things from their addiction. But I want to point out to any alcoholics that happens to be reading this, that you really do negatively affect the people in your life with your alcohol addiction. Here are a couple of ways that you are doing this whether you know it or not.

Alcoholism And Loved OnesYour Alcohol Addiction Takes Time Away from Your Family – please realize that if you are regularly getting drunk all the time, then you are not paying any attention to your family at all. And if you are paying some attention to your family, it is only in a very negative way.

You are showing them that you are addicted to alcohol, and that you can’t stop drinking and that it’s ruining your life. Your spouse and children are not going to want to see this side of you all the time, so you definitely need to figure out a way to get your drinking problem under control before the alcohol withdrawal is unbearable.

Your Spouse Feels the Need to Constantly Nag You about Your Drinking Issues – believe me when I tell you that your spouse does not want to spend a good portion of their life trying to convince you that you need to stop drinking. They are very worried about you and they care enough to “bother” you about this issue to the point where you don’t want to even hear it any longer.

But the only reason why they are even talking to you at all about this problem is the pure and simple fact that they do not want to see alcohol ruin your life forever. So trust that your spouse is under an extreme amount of pressure to try and get you to stop drinking, and you are causing them sleepless nights and a whole lot of heartache by continuing down this really bad path.

You Are Teaching Your Children That It Is Okay to Become an Alcoholic – you may not want to believe this, but your children are watching every single thing that you do. And they are absorbing every single message that you put in front of them.

So if you spend your days and nights in your house constantly drunk, then your children are learning the message that it’s okay for them to get drunk just like their parent does. Is that the kind of message that you want to share with your children?

I know you most likely hate your drinking at this point your life, so you need to realize that you are harming the well-being of your children because they’re going to pick up your bad habits. I know there’s a possibility that they won’t, but it is practically inevitable that we follow in the path of our parents. So please realize that you are harming your children whether you know it or not, and the example you set is going to make their lives very difficult later on.

These are some of the main ways that your alcohol addiction is negatively affecting the people that you love. I know you don’t want to be the one to cause all of these problems in your home, so you need to certainly do something about this addiction so that the alcohol withdrawal does not harm you in any way.

You can check into some kind of a rehab program if you feel the need to do so, or you could at least go to a group like Alcoholics Anonymous to get some help. Whatever you do, make sure you do it fast so that you can get this problem under control once again.